Car Sale in Ethiopia is a big industry. There are so many car sellers in the country particularly in Addis Ababa who are attracted to this sector. Many of these group uses different avenue to sell their cars.  These include area brokers, local newspapers and a word of mouth from acquaintances, friend or

The long awaited mobile App for Mekina Mender is now ready available in Google Play and APP Store. So if you have Android or iPhone, the APP is available for you for downlaod. It is free to downlaod. In addition, Mekina Mender offers free service.

It took awhile thinking about to built an APP for Mekina Mender. It also took a while before it became available. Now that it is available, we are believing that Car Search will be easier because there is nothing better than technology. But an intgral Part of this APP

Now that the Mekina Mender Mobile APP is ready with only few bugs to fix before it becomes fully functional, we would like all car dealers, car brokers and private car sellers all across Ethiopia to download the Mobile APP and enjoy the online market in the auto industry.

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