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ISUZU NPR 5.2l 189kW

2022 Diesel Dump (Tipper) Automatic Rear Wheel 1 km
Br 7,400,000 
Ethiopia+Addis Ababa+Enkulal Fabrica+
Id: 4017
Condition: New
Mileage: 1 km
Year: 2/
Engine size: 5.2 l
Engine: 189 kW
Fuel: Diesel
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Gray
Body Type: Dump (Tipper)
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Rear Wheel
Doors: 2
Seats: 4
ገዥዎች መቅረብ ያለባቸው🔥
👉ID card የታደሰ የቀበሌ መታወቂያ
👉 TIN Number የግብር ከፋይ መለያ ቁጥር
👉የንግድ ምዝገባ
👉የታደሰ የንግድ ፍቃድ
👉የጋብቻ ሁኔታን የሚገልፅ ማስረጃ
👉 የገቢዎች ክሊራንስ
👉Bank Statment ......ይዘው መሆን አለበት
👉በማሳያ ቦታዎች show Field ይገኛሉ
Rehoboth Agents/ሮሆቦት ኤጀንትስ
🤳በስራ ሰአት ደውለው መረጃ መውሰድ ይቻላል!
* አሁን የገቡ በማሳያ ቦታዎች show Field ይገኛሉ
Rehoboth Agents/ሮሆቦት ኤጀንትስ
📜 ህጋዊ ፍቃድ የተሰጠው!
📲 በአንድ ስልክ ጥሪ ከገበያው ዋጋ በታች በቅናሽ ይግዙ ! ያትርፉ !
🤳 (+251) 0970121717
🤳 (+251) 0900800323
🤳 (+251) 0979686268
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Seller Information

Seller Type :

Name: Moses Car Sealership

Company: Rehoboth-Sino Truck Sales And Deals/ሬሆቦት-ሲኖ ትራክ መኪና ሽያጭ

Phone: 0970 121 717

Mobile Phone: 0900 800 323

Country: Ethiopia

State: Addis Ababa

Town: 22 / Haya Ulet

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