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 Buying and Selling Cars in Ethiopia has never been so simple

We believe there’s a better, happier way to buy and sell cars in Ethiopia than travelling around in the country dealer by dealer to find the car of your choice. It’s why we designed Mekina Mender so that it could provide or offer a sense of relief from travelling. That is why we put all features needed for a successful search such as Top Cars, Special Cars and a map showing all available cars and why we put joy into everything we do. Mekina Mender is all about focusing on making things clearer, simpler and a bit more enjoyable. It is so easy to find a car in Mekina Mender

Looking for your next car?

We feature over 300  new and used cars all with the seller location and contact information displayed up front. We encourage all buyers to contact the seller directly either via email or where available live chat.

Thinking of Selling your Car

Mekina Mender aims to be one of the largest online car marketplaces in Ethiopia where anybody can sell car. We are already one of the easiest and safest places to sell your car. We are dedicated to making life easy for both the car buyers and sellers.  With that we believe you would save a lot of money as we won’t charge a commission or sting you with hidden fees for an ad.

Prices for Advertising an Ad.

The price for advertising with us is so cheap. Some say it is cheaper than the price for a decent coffee. Here is a breakdown of our price structure:

Here is a Breakdown of our price structure
    Duration in the website
Single Car or Private Sellers 150 Birr Per Car 90 Days
Price for Car Dealers  
Bronze Level 655 Birr for 8 Cars 90 Days
Silver Level 989 Birr for 15 Cars 90 Days
Gold Level 1250 Birr for 25 Cars 90 Days
Platinum  Level 2000 Birr for 25+ 90 Days

Helping you make the right choice

With nearly 500 different car models with varying specifications, finding the right car at the right price can be daunting. Our website filter can provide simple, smart and practical information to help you make the right choice. You can use the filter system in Mekina Mender and narrow search by price, year, kilometers or colour using advance search. For example, if you want to buy a Toyota car that is silver in colour and made in 2010, our filter system can help you get to what you want.

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