If you need to update any information you put on the ad, it is easy to update it. Let assume that you are browsing Mekina Mender on a Mobile Version with the webs address accessed via https://www.mekinamender.com

There are a lot of different car types. Mekina Mender made it easier for users to select the body type of the car they are listing in the website. These makes it easir for a search to be conducted without trouble.Here are the body ypes of the cars we have in the website. They are as follows

It is so easy to List a car on Mekina Mender Mobile APP. Please have a look of the following instructions for you to follow when listing or creating an ad in a Mobile APP.With Mekina Mender Mobile APP now available for Download, It become so Easy to List a Car.With Mekina Mender

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