TOyota CH-R at Ghion Addis Carsales

Addis Ababa is nowadays full with European, Japanese and American Quality and Luxurious cars. This Toyota CH-R has just been listed last week by a dealer who registered with Mekina Mender to advertise his vehicles online.

The CH-R is Contoured and contemporary, measured and meticulous, the all-new Toyota C-HR is truly a cut above. Crafted like a precision-cut gemstone, the facetted five-door SUV body combines a muscular stance with a spacious cabin that features disguised rear door. The car is awaiting a new owner at Ghion Addis Carsales. Mekina Mender would like all car dealers in Addis Ababa or Ethiopia to list their vehicles in the website. The website is so big that all cars in Ethiopia could be listed on it, but not even a single second than a website could be seen slowering down in speed. It is very fast and powerfull.

With our website viewed via http://www.mekinamender.com Mekina Mender  can list all cars in Ethiopia and the website could still load up very fast with a considerable download speed per megabyte. To view about the car, kindly click this link or contact Ghion Addis Carsales.

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